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Housing blocks, housess

• Bucharest real estate complex - multi-storey buildings with the height regime between G+5F and G+13F set back, with functions of houses, commercial and service spaces, offices, company headquarters, having provided on the levels of the three basements the arrangement of over 400 parking spaces, as well as a fitness room at the basement-1 level.
• BRAYTIM neighbourhood - the initiators and developers of the first residential district of Timisoara "Braytim area" Calea Martirilor.
• Private houses G + 1 with special finishes
• D + G + 5F + M apartment blocks, Palazzo Europa 1, Palazzo Europa 2, beneficiary: SC SINERGY EST SRL
• Office and housing building, beneficiary: S.C. SINEDIL ROMANIA S.R.L
• Real estate complex - Lucien Residence, Timisoara, - 3500 sqm - 33 apartments
• Housing block - Arad

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