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Detailed projects

The Roman Catholic Dome

Renovation and preservation of the building of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Timisoara See project DOME

Discount BANK

Restoration of the building - Restoration of the building and facade of the former Discount Bank See project BANK

I.C. Brătianu College

Rehabilitation of facades and frames (building 1 - Ds + G + 2E; building 2 - B + G + 2E, building 3 -Ds + G + 3) See project College Brătianu

Timiș County Council

Reconditioning and rehabilitation of the facade and furnishings of Timiș County Council. See project CJ TIMIȘ

Administrative, social-cultural buildings and corporate headquarters

• S.C. MEDLIFE S.A. - MEDICAL CLINIC - Renovation and restoration of the Medlife Medical Hyperclinic building, in G+1F regime with parking area - B-dul Eroilor de Tisa, no. 28 - 1592 sqm of medical offices, laboratories, special areas for light surgical interventions, for RX and MRI equipment, lounges, offices, changing rooms, etc.
• Student accommodation spaces str. Cameliei Timisoara - beneficiary WESTERN UNIVERSITY OF Timisoara; Construction of attic G+3F, Calea Aradului, no. 56, Roman-German Foundation; Attic, headquarters S.C. EE-TEST, Expansion of the main offices with superposing, interior and exterior modifications at the Timis Construction Inspectorate.
• Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timisoara, interior decorations
• Construction of attic SC FLORIMO S.R.L. Timisoara; Interior design Statistics Department;
• Exterior and interior works Supermarket Artima Caransebes;
• Exterior and interior works Supermarket Artima Sannicolau Mare;
• Consolidation of the building of C.D. Loga High School - Timisoara;
• Interior decorations Silvicultural High School Timisoara;
• "Euroclinica" medical clinic arrangement - Timisoara;

• RATT end station construction;;
• Construction of the Timisoara Forestry headquarters;
• ROMTELECOM Headquarters Ronat - Timisoara;
• Dtc Grup building str. Pelinului-Timisoara;
• METACOM SA (repairs and interior design)
• MOBILROM - point of presentation and sale;
• CONNEX GSM Timisoara headquarters;
• McDonald's - Mc Drive Timisoara;
• "Extension of educational and research spaces at the Centre for documentation, continuous training and technological transfer" within the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, beneficiary: Polytechnic University of Timisoara
• DEMIRBANK, Timisoara
• BNR Timisoara Branch - consolidations, repairs, arrangements, repurposing
• CARPATICA Bank, Timisoara
• BRD Timisoara
• Banca ROMANEASCA, Timisoara
• ION TIRIAC Bank, Timisoara branch
• "Lukoil" gas stations located in Calea Aradului and Calea Buziasului respectively - Timisoara

Pictures of works

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