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We build the future.

CONSTRUCTIM ® SA - Timișoara We’re building for 34 years Any challenge Any project But not by any standards Only at high standards

We are proud of the fact that we are the oldest construction company active since the Revolution

Professionalism through experience

CONSTRUCTIM ® was established in March 1991 following the decentralization of the GENERAL CONSTRUCTION TRUST - MONTAJ TIMIS, a company with over 50 years of experience in the field of construction.

Since its establishment and until now, it has carried out various works such as: social-cultural, hotel, housing, industrial, agricultural, airports, roads and platforms, water pipelines, thermal, electrical installations at high quality level and at contracted terms.


Public Announcement

„SC CONSTRUCTIM SA, anunță publicul interesat asupra depunerii solicitării de emitere a acordului de mediu pentru proiectul "Construire hala logistica cu Sc =6380 mp (110X58) in regim de inaltime P+E partial, bransamente utilitati si amplasare totem publicitar", propus a fi amplasat în comuna Sânandrei, sat Sânandrei,CF nr. 410798, jud. Timiș.

Informațiile privind proiectul propus pot fi consultate la sediul Agenției pentru Protecția Mediului Timiș, Municipiul Timisoara, B-dul Liviu Rebreanu nr. 18-18A, jud. Timiș și la sediul proiectantului, Municipiul Timișoara, str. Piața Unirii, nr. 3, jud. Timiș, în zilele de luni - joi între orele 8.00 - 16.30, vineri între orele 8.00 - 14.00. Observațiile publicului se primesc zilnic la sediul APM Timiș.”

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Constructim at the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023

Profesionalism prin experiență

Constructim carried out the restoration, consolidation, equipment and endowment of the Hagiescu Miriște ethnography museum. Placed in the urban center of the town of Caracal, the Hagiescu Miriste villa, once a notable element of the city’s architectural monuments, had long fallen into ruin. Its central placement as well as the terrain that it resides on both represent unique qualities that make the state before the intervention even more astonishing.

The restoration project won the second prize at GADA 2023 (Global Architecture & Design Awards). The name of the studio that submitted the project is ISO Proiect, and the team that worked on the project is composed of Arch. Mihail Boboia, Arch. Rodica Dragan, Arch. Rasha Malhis, Arch. Paul Valentin, Arch. Doina Chisu, Arch. Andrei Banu , Eng. Tiberiu Visan and Eng. Daniel Munteanu.

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