Unirii Square no.3, Timișoara

Interior and exterior arrangements - Authorized sales and service centre for Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Honda

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Project details

Location: Str.Miresei nr.5, Timișoara
Start year: 2021
Category: Industrial-administrative buildings


The investment aims at complex works to develop the site in two directions:
- Rehabilitation and modernization work of the existing Autoklass hall, interior partitions with non-structural elements, functional and destination changes of some of the existing spaces, furniture replacements, repairs and finishes, the proposed changes do not require changes to the existing structural elements.
- extension with a new building, in height regime GROUND FLOOR + 1ST FLOOR partly, the realization, attached to the existing Autoklass hall and partly to another existing building, with settlement and ant seismic purpose compared to the existing adjacent buildings, of a new GF+1F hall.
To preserve the architectural image, the proposed hall will have the shape, in vertical section, like that of the existing hall and will have an area with a slope (partial floor). In addition, works will be carried out on roads and pedestrian access alleys, as well as car platforms.