Unirii Square no.3, Timișoara


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Project details

Beneficiary: Roman Catholic diocese
Location: Timișoara
Starting year: 2019
Category: Restoration of buildings


Conservation, rehabilitation of the Roman Catholic Cathedral Timișoara - The Catholic Dome of the Unirii Square
The general objective of the project is represented by the increase of the attractiveness among the visitors of the Roman Catholic Cathedral Timișoara, also known as the Roman Catholic Cathedral ”Sfântul Gheorghe”, by promoting its rehabilitated, preserved and restored heritage and integration in the national and international tourist circuit.
Specific objectives of the project:
▪renovation, preservation, rehabilitation of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral building in Timisoara with a total area of 1,490 square meters.
▪the restoration of the crypt and the tombstones of the great personalities who have their final resting place in the crypt underneath the Dome in order to introduce this objective in the guided tour.
▪rehabilitation/renovation of the related objectives: fencing, fire connection, interior courtyard layout, side access alleys (ensuring access for persons with disabilities), ensuring the objective of the technical regulations of safety at work.
▪integration of the restored objective into the national and international tourism circuit by carrying out specific activities: dedicated web page, guided tour, collaboration with local, national, international actors, integration of the visit to the objective during the visits organized in Timisoara by the tourist groups or within the framework different national and international events, consolidation of cultural activities.