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Santana Park


Kindergarten Lugoj


Multifunctional Building Museum of the Banat Village


Cultural headquarters - Moșnița nouă

Construction of cultural headquarters in the town of Moșnița Nouă SEE HEADQUARTERS PROJECT

Grain storage hall - Emiliana West, Valcani

Construction of grain storage hall with canopy, scale building, laboratory and outdoor platforms. See project GRAIN STORAGE HALL

Timișoara North Railway Station

Rehabilitation of the facade, repair of platforms, lighting, access to the entrances to the passenger building See project Station

Sludge incinerator- Aquatim

Sludge dryer design and execution, and sludge energy recovery See project Incinerator

Student dormitories - UPT

Construction of Student Dormitories – extension to the existing ICER building, Politehnica University Timisoara See project UPT

Production and storage unit - BAUMIT

Repairs and change of use of the existing building from Detergents Factory to Construction Materials Warehouse See project BAUMIT 2

Romanian Post Office

Rehabilitation of facades and carpentry at OJP Timis + OP Timisoara 1 See Project Post Office

Parța Museum Branch

Exploiting the potential of the Parța and Majdan cross-border archaeological sites of Banat See project Parța

Hall Constructim Imobiliare

Construction of a production and storage hall with Gf+1 partial storey structure See Project Constructim

Emanuil Ungureanu Technical College

Rehabilitation of buildings, installations and utilities Emanuil Ungureanu Technical College, GF + 2F Building See project Ungureanu

Guala Dispensing - Caransebeș

Extension of existing hall GF + 1F - warehouse with partial closure See project Guala

Military Casino - Timișoara

Intervention works at Pavilion A of the 901 Timișoara Barracks See project Military Casino

Timiș Community Centre - CJ Timiș

Construction of a new building, in GF+1F height, having the function of permanent centre See project Community Centre

Terminal building - Oravița

Buliding works for the investment objective "Terminal building for public transport" in the town of Oravița See project TERMINAL ORAVIȚA

Ethnographic Museum - Caracal

Restoration, consolidation and equipment of the Hagiescu Miriște Ethnographic Museum See project ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM

Sports base - Sânnicolau Mare

Design, technical assistance, and execution of works for the investment objective: TYPE1 sports base construction See project SPORTS BASE

UG+GF+6F building - Timișoara

Building collective housing UG+GF+6F, services, trade, arrangement, construction of parking places, fencing See project VIRIMMORO

Autoklass - Timișoara

Interior and exterior arrangements to Authorized sales and service centre for Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Honda See project AUTOKLASS

Victor Babeș Hospital - Timișoara

Extension of the building
See project Victor Babeș

Urbarialhouse - Sântana

Restoration of the Urbarialhaus (Urbarial House) and its adaptation to the cultural needs of the community See project Urbarialhouse

Water museum - Timișoara

Establishment of the Timisoara water museum
See project Museum of water

Road Infrastructure - Reșița

Design and execution of works for "Arrangement of bicycle paths and pedestrian alleys" See project Reșița


Rehabilitation and modernization of zoo-technical farm - Teremia Mică See project Farm

Nikolaus Lenau Highschool

Construction of Building 2 of the "NIKOLAUS LENAU" Theoretical High School in Timisoara See project Lenau High School

Church of the Holy Martyr Dimitrie

Church consolidation, restoration and preservation
See project CHURCH

Wastewater network - Biled

Extension of wastewater network in Biled
See project BILED

Multicultural center - Timișoara

Rehabilitation and redevelopment of the architectural complex as a multicultural center See project Multicultural Center

Roman Catholic Diocese

New building - Construction of S+G+1F service house, garage and enclosure See project DIOCESE