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Restoration, consolidation and equipment of the Hagiescu Miriște Ethnographic Museum See project ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM

Military Casino - Timișoara

Intervention works at Pavilion A of the 901 Timișoara Barracks See project Military Casino

Urbarialhouse - Sântana

Restoration of the Urbarialhaus (Urbarial House) and its adaptation to the cultural needs of the community See project Urbarialhouse

Water museum - Timișoara

Establishment of the Timisoara water museum
See project Museum of water

Discount BANK

Restoration of the building - Restoration of the building and facade of the former Discount Bank See project BANK

I.C. Brătianu College

Rehabilitation of facades and frames (building 1 - Ds + G + 2E; building 2 - B + G + 2E, building 3 -Ds + G + 3) See project College Brătianu

Multicultural center - Timișoara

Rehabilitation and redevelopment of the architectural complex as a multicultural center
See project Multicultural Center

The Roman Catholic Dome

Rehabilitation of the building - Renovation and preservation of the building of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Timisoara See project DOM

The Saint Florian monument

Preservation - restoration of Jimbolia historical monument
See project MONUMENT

Church of the Holy Martyr Dimitrie

Church consolidation, restoration and preservation
See project CHURCH

Romanian Academy - Timisoara Branch

Capital repairs and rehabilitation for the Library of the Romanian Academy Timisoara Branch See project ACADEMY