Unirii Square no.3, Timișoara


Short history

The Commercial Company CONSTRUCTIM ® S.A. with headquarters in Romania, Timisoara, Unirii Square no. 3 was founded in February 1991 following the decentralization of the GENERAL CONSTRUCTION TRUST - MONTAJ TIMIS, a company with over 50 years of experience in the field of construction.

Since its establishment and until now, it has performed various works, such as: social-cultural, hotel, housing, industrial, agricultural, airports, roads and platforms, water pipelines, thermal, electrical installations at high quality level and at the contracted terms.

Identification data

S.C. CONSTRUCTIM ® S.A. is registered at the Trade Register Office of the Court of Timis under no. J35/219/1991, tax code 1802843, SIRUES code 0705686, SICOMEX code: 38786. and it is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Timisoara and of the Association of Construction Contractors from Romania.

Share capital is 12.692.537,30 RON. The share capital is private.


The team of specialists at S.C. CONSTRUCTIM ® S.Ahas has built important social-cultural, industrial and agro-technical objectives in the municipality of Timisoara, in the county of Timis and in the neighbouring counties.
The employees of the company have vast experience participating in construction works in other countries such as: Germany, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Israel, Italy.


S.C. CONSTRUCTIM ® S.A. Was the initiator and the developer of the first residential district of Timisoara "Braytim area" Calea Martirilor, a project started in the 1990s in Timisoara, applying European solutions for the realization of residential complexes for the first time in Romania


The seriousness of the group, the technologies used, the quality of the works, all made S.C. CONSTRUCTIM ® S.A. one of the most representative construction companies in the western part of the country.

Having a wealth of experience in the field, S.C. CONSTRUCTIM ® S.A. is ready to become your partner for construction activities, answering all requests with modern products and high quality works.

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